Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

A free private lesson

I am overwhelmed and humbled by studying with a True Master, and an entrepreneur extraordinaire.

I am speaking of Oliver Velez, who in my opinion, along with his colleague Greg Capra, wrote the “bible” for traders .

A few years ago, Oliver was in town to present a free seminar. I had seen him before, had some of his materials, and never miss an opportunity to get a refresher course from a giant like him whenever I have the time available.

It was noisy and hard to hear Oliver at times. There were over 800 people jammed into the seminar in the next room. Donald Trump, another giant, was promoting his “real estate” apprenticeship program. I love real estate, and have earned a lot of money over the years through the real estate industry.

That was in the summer of 05. My wife and I looked at each other with a big smile; we had just sold our home, taken out a fantastic profit, and were convinced the “top” was in, despite being admonished by friends and family because real estate was “so strong”.

There were only three other people besides myself and my wife in attendance at Mr Velez’s seminar. Being the true professional that he is, that seminar was presented with power, clarity, confidence, and authority as if he had 800 would-be traders in attendance.

In the above referenced book, if you will turn to page 29 and read his bandwagon theory, you will understand the wisdom contained theirin, and how that can be applied to most investments. You can obtain that information for free if you go to a local bookstore and browse it.

Serious students of the market will want to add it to their library. I am committed to offering to you my recomendations for these outstanding giants in our field to whom I am indebted for the foundation of my own unique understanding of the market.

A parting thought; have you noticed what has happened to the prices of real estate and the stock market since the summer of 2005?

Learn to think for yourself. Blindly following conventional wisdom is a disaster; as this article  clearly illustrates.