Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

My Mentors

I have had the privilege of studying with a number of brilliant, competent market professionals. Not necessarily all through “seminars”, but by articles, books, blogs, Twitter, etc.

Learning from all of them, and others, I have blended strategies and wisdom gained through the lessons of these giants.

I offer them to you as a shortcut for your own learning. Investing some time and money in furthering your education with them and other professionals will enhance your own insights.

There are obviously many other great “experts”, but these are some of the most outstanding traders I have discovered.


Kevin Haggerty

“No one more professional than Kevin Haggerty; best of the best.”

Fari Hamzei

“Amazing breadth of knowledge, constantly pushing the envelope and developing new indicators. At  $50 a month, outstanding value.”

Don Miller

“Personally made over 1.6 Million in 2008 primarily trading the emini sp; need I say more?”

T. Henning Murrey

“Murrey Math fit like a glove with the work on a “Master Pivot” system I was researching; highly organized rules and structure.”

Stan Moore

“Oex Options Expiration” specialist; savvy developer of sophisticated trading indicators. Learned how to make 5 to 20 x your investment in a few hours with limited risk here.”


“One of the most caring, giving, professional teachers you will ever find.” I studied with her a number of years, and she helped me by giving me a leadership role in making calls and including me as part of her team.  My timing for short term moves improved a lot under her guidance. I was known as The Rainmaker ( “Rain”) in this room.

Pristine/ Velez Capital Management

Controversy abounds regarding Oliver Velez and Greg Capra. I learned many basics when I first started through their books and expo seminars.”

SP 500 Guru

“G is uncanny with his map, and has had as profound an impact on my education as anyone; he single-handedly refutes the random walk theory. B42 learned how to find targets and trade with tight 2 point stops.”

@Futures Trader 71

“One of the best Traders on Twitter that I have discovered. Market Profile Expert, he excels at teaching how to run trading like a business, and does it for free. Best bargain out there.”

Carl Futia Blogspot

“Carl is a Master trader with a highly disciplined approach to trading. He is a master of the Box Theory, and has keen insights for projecting targets. When he decides he is wrong, he abandons his premise immediately and reverses; the sign of a true professional. I am a devoted student of Nicholas Darvas, so I am highly interested in Carl’s work. Follow his blog… get an education in trading for free.”

Trading Markets

“A vital reference for both new and experienced traders. The wide variety of topics in their archives is amazing.”

I recommend that you investigate these outstanding professionals. Please tell them Eminiwizard sent you.

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