Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati


If you cant make money with this system, you shouldn’t be trading


I can assure you, this system will be unlike anything you have seen before, and it works. You should, however, be skeptical of my comments or you are not yet ready to be a successful trader.

After studying the advice of many “experts” and “gurus”, I found most of them kept rehashing everyone else’s work. Probably like you, I studied pivots, s1, r2, and fibonacci, trendlines, yet found myself on the losing side of trades much too often.

If you wish to escape the treadmill of the blind leading the blind, you will need to refocus your attention on how the market really works.

Whether your style is to scalp, day-trade, swing trade, or invest, these tecniques are suitable for all of you. If you can’t make money with this system, you shouldn’t be trading.

If you have enough capital to trade 1-2 contracts, you can expect to comfortably earn between $500 to $1,000 a day trading this system. Conservative traders will normally find at least 4 or 5 trades a day. Moderately aggressive traders will find many more opportunities.

Although I will be teaching you about an emini sp system, I am sure you will be able to transfer these principles to other indexes, stocks, futures, options, and etfs. I will be teaching you how to think for yourself, rather than trapping you into the need to follow my advice.

If you are the decision maker for your financial portfolio, I believe the one time fee will be the best investment you can make. Don’t be deceived by the low price; this program will give you more insight than those gurus charging 5 to 10 times this introductory amount.

The power brokers who steal your confidence and money will no longer have control over you, once you realize that you possess the same knowledge that they do.

If you continue to explore this site, you will soon discover that I am going to need your help too before I can help you.

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