Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati




Self-sabatoge is possible, and probable.

Check out Nucleus Accumbens.

Please consider the facts, and remain unemotional.

The previously agreed upon process is as follows:


Crew Resource Management, page 150 Sway

  1. State the Facts e.g. “It looks like a Trend day”
  2. Challenge (Best way is for a blocker (dissenter) to use our first name and add  quantifier to the fact) e.g. E, are we fighting a strong trend? Check your blue line
  3. Take Action I am accepting stop out and looking for another trade, suggest u do the same.

Note: A predetermined stop loss is the dissenter, already speaking up for our best interest:

E, you have agreed to let me do my job. Stand aside. Don’t move me.

Have an assistant who will protect us from ourselves. Talk through it, allowing room members to point out facts. Use a stop loss to protect ourselves from “risk of ruin”. ¬†Pointing out the facts brings us out of our tunnel vision.

Caution … strong language… but necessary to see this.

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