Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

The Alligator, the Hawk, and the Snake


Three distinct animals are worth studying, if you are going to be a day trader or investor in the markets.

Let’s keep it simple.

Why make life so complicated?

The Emini wizard System focuses on short term patterns for immediate gain and cash flow. We recommend longer term strategies for creating wealth.


The Alligator

An amphibian, lurking underwater, but can climb onto land and wreak havoc.

Don’t try this at home, with a croc either.



The Hawk

Soars effortlessly, gliding and riding thermals. Patiently waits for the right opportunity, then strikes with lightening speed and precision. Harris’s Hawk is unique, as is The Emini wizard System.



The Snake

Slithering sideways, comfortable on the land or in the water. Be careful of this one, especially the Cobra or the Rattler.


We want to know in which animal the shape shifter is currently located.


The shape shifter can be all three at once, depending on the time frame we are viewing.

We then marry our strategies with appropriate options and underlying vehicles.


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