Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Hiding in the Shadows

Take a good look at your opponent.

Hiding in the shadows, not wanting any exposure to the limelight, but deadly serious about his business.

Honestly, with your MBA and all, with the five books on trading you have read, with the chat room you belong to, and with the free seminar you took two months ago, what , realistically are your chances of beating guys like this?

Slim to none.

I do not underestimate your interest in pursuing your dream to be a profitable trader; I applaud your character to get into the arena with the Illuminati.

I am, of course, speaking from experience.

Ninety percent of traders supposedly lose and wash out in their first 3 months of trading.

The reality of trading is that the professionals are fighting each other for your money. They are savvy enough to walk away from the manipulations of the market and wait for a high odds trade.

Are you?

When the trap is sprung and traders are caught on the wrong side of the market, delusion and denial, as well as fear, short-circuit our emotions and our ability to think rationally.

Remember this guy the next time you get complacent and think about doubling up on your normal size; whatever you do think twice about turning your back on him.